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What comfort tastes like


Recipes rooted in history

With family in three countries along the Mediterranean Sea,

the borders of our recipes blurred and blended to our taste, highlighting the culinary flavors of Albania, Greece and Turkey.  


These recipes invoke traditional values of comfort and family 

which may help sustain us all during difficult times. 


Whether you prefer savory or sweet, I hope these offerings connect you to home and to community. 

This food harkens back to the celebration of life at the common table of humanity. 

On Fridays, my mother baked loaves of bread for the week and focaccia for pizzas. For special occasions she made baklava. Coming home from school with friends, the smells from our kitchen window mesmerized us. It's what defined home for me.


Bread made fresh with just a few wholesome ingredients - flour, water, olive oil and salt - has provided comfort and sustenance for generations. 

Baklava, a sweet end to a meal, consists of delicate layers of dough brushed with clarified butter, crushed nuts, cinnamon and naturally flavored syrup.


It is said that baklava not only nourishes the body,
but also brings happiness to the mind and spirit.
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